Learn about alu construction and cost optimization options when applying alu construction

The alu facade has now become a popular method of highlighting the facade of any modern commercial building structure. Architects and designers have a multitude of options for cladding materials. One of the most used materials is alu cladding, also known as aluminum.

What is Alu construction?

Alu facade is the method of using Alu panels to clad the outer surface of the building vertically. The front facade can use Braille in stainless steel, copper or mica to advertise the brand or introduce information about the business. In addition, inside the Braille will often add led for evening lighting aimed at creating the attraction, prominence for the facade.

What types of alu cladding are there?

Today there are many types of Alu cladding used, including such well-known ones as:

Alu alcotop cladding: this is a high-end product from Korea, manufactured on modern transmission lines and quality of European standards, the product is often used for large works and fairly high technical requirements.

Alu alcorest: a Vietnamese brand that has been rated coa for many years in the market, with a common level of quality and price, this is a top choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Tie Chen Alu plate: made in Taiwan, a product with diversity, rich in color, and cheap price should be used in the application of advertising signs.

Alu facade cladding method

Material selection

For buildings requiring high technical, large-scale outdoor works, requiring high durability, it is recommended to choose high-end cladding such as Korean Alcotop products or medium type such as Vietnamese Alcrest products.

For indoor applications, interior design, just use alu panels of the medium or cheap segment can be comfortable to use. Of course, it is still possible to use a premium alu if your economy allows it.

Reinforced frame system

The frame system will support all the alu panels and the decoration on it so that the very important part, the structural system uses large load-bearing iron frames, at the ends should shoot screws and glue for sturdy and waterproof.

Choose a good construction unit

A good construction team will guarantee you quality as well as trust. They are usually skilled workers, have many years of experience in construction and have worked with many different designs and structures. They can quickly grasp the wishes of the customer and implement it in the best way.

In addition to quality, for a good construction team will shorten the construction time, help you save costs as well as be able to quickly carry out your work.

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