Design and production unit – construction of POSM for store chains

One of the ways to increase sales revenue is to use sales support items at retail points such as grocery stores, trade fairs, exhibitions, or supermarkets. These items are collectively called POSM, so what is POSM? What role do they play? And which unit can produce them in large quantities, ensuring progress and quality? Let’s find out in the article below.

Learn about POSM

What is POSM?

POSM stands for Point Of Sale Materials, which is a very important term in the Marketing industry, roughly translated as “Design materials at the point of sale”. POSM not only means simple display shelves but also plays a part in the communication strategy in the process of building a product brand.

With the role of Trade marketing, POSM is increasingly known in the field of Display and Merchandising. POSM has a decisive impact on 80% of shoppers and is the key player in the direct sales battle, helping businesses increase sales, effectively promote product recognition and brand.

POSM includes what?

POSM includes all advertising items, usually used for decoration, to effectively attract the attention of customers in product advertising campaigns at retail points such as supermarkets, trade fairs, retail stores, or large shopping centers.

It includes: Display Holder – Shelf Talker – Light Box – Standee – Sticker – Tentcard – Umbrella – Display shelf – Booth – Bus poster, Mockup – Wobbler – Hanger – Display box.

How does POSM affect purchasing decisions?

POSM can be said to directly influence purchasing decisions. At the point of introduction, it is the most visually appealing advertising medium, creating a strong impression on customers right at the point of sale. Professional POSM can help you capture the attention of customers from the first glance, then they can learn and make purchasing decisions.

In this case, creative and impressive POSM directly impacts consumer purchasing behavior. It can be said that owning a professional POSM set plays an important role in marketing activities and the goal of increasing business revenue.

Design and Construction Unit – Leading POSM Professional in Vietnam

As a leading provider of display solutions for store chains, A Dong specializes in designing and manufacturing POSM for large quantities. With over 20 years of experience in advertising and interior design, A Dong’s customers include major chains in Vietnam such as Điện Máy Xanh, Bách Hóa Xanh, Thế Giới Di Động, Ava, Mia, Apple, Circle K, ….

A Dong owns a factory producing POSM, shelves, and retail display tools located in Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone, Dong Nai with a total investment of 150 billion VND, meeting ISO 9001 standards. The majority of the capital is invested in a European standard imported machinery system that allows for fast and cost-effective mass production.

The factory structure has met the production capacity to supply a complete range of products for display and sales to 3,000 chain stores each year. Here, chains can find all the necessary products to equip a store with the distinctive customization of each brand.

We have a young, talented, creative and enthusiastic team that always comes up with unique ideas following the latest trends to bring our customers POSM models that are suitable for products, campaigns and meet quality standards.

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