Exploding the role of mini mart chains in food supply during the social distancing period

Nowadays, the presence of mini mart chains have become so important and profoundly influential on the food supply for the people as during the social distancing period according to the Prime Minister’s Directive.

The 4th outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic witnessed the complicated epidemic spread because the Delta variant has fast infectious properties, even being infected right after contact. Therefore, social distancing measures play a crucial role in restraining the epidemic outbreak, in the context that vaccination implementation needs more time.

The system of supermarkets and convenience stores maximizes efficiency in the face of complicated epidemic spread.

The presence of mini supermarket chains that supply food expands across wards and communes, helps people to buy food right where they live, limit long-distance travel, and at the same time satisfying the needs of the essential food sources on the spot for blockaded areas of a whole ward and district.

The distribution of local food consumers also helps to reduce the load and limit the crowd of shoppers at large supermarkets. The outstanding advantages of these mini-store chains during the epidemic period are stable prices, quality assurance, hygiene and no fake or counterfeit goods.

However, with the current situation, even though it has been allocated, the number of purchasers at these chains is still overloaded. There are places where people have to queue for more than 1 hour to buy goods in 10 minutes.

The store stipulates that each customer can only buy for 10 minutes

Photos of people shopping for food on July 14th in the afternoon

It can be imagined how serious the pressure on food distribution in cities would be without the presence of mini supermarket chains. Most recently, Con Cung and Guardian store chains will also put vegetables and frozen goods for sale at stores operating in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Nguyen Thien Ngon, Director of A Dong Interior and Advertising Co., Ltd. – one of the large display shelf suppliers in Vietnam, said: “With people focusing on buying goods here, the mini market chains are overloaded, so we are currently rushing to build and open more places to serve the customers. Our shelf factory must maximize the capacity to make a large number of shelves in a short time. It shows that there will be many new supermarkets in the near future, maybe overcrowding will no longer happen.”

A Dong shelf factory has to operate 3 shifts continuously to meet the number of newly opened supermarkets

It can be seen that, with their popularity and role played in the social distancing period, chain stores have profoundly changed people’s shopping habits and have an irreplaceable foothold in the consumption market even after the pandemic ends.