A Dong provides comprehensive display solutions for fashion store chains

Display solutions are an important part of business operations because they directly impact sales and profits, especially for fashion retail chains. Furthermore, as a silent salesperson, product display plays a crucial role in purchase decisions. Therefore, to achieve the highest sales effectiveness for the brand and fashion retail chains, display solutions such as shelves and display props are essential.

A Dong provides display solutions for fashion store chains

As one of the partners of major brands, in recent years, A Dong has affirmed its position through chain projects, including fashion store chain projects such as AVA Fashion, Ava Sport, Mia.vn brand, Miti.

Having a factory that meets ISO:9001 standards with an area of over 20,000 m2 in Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa, just 1 hour away from Ho Chi Minh City, equipped with advanced machinery, a closed production line ensuring strict quality control, meeting continuous transportation – construction throughout 63 provinces and Southeast Asian countries with optimal costs.

The outstanding advantage of A Dong is the ability to produce, transport, and construct a one-stop shop according to the all-in-one model, from design ideas to a ready-to-operate store. Not many manufacturers in Vietnam have this capability while still ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery in all product categories.

The goal of A Dong is to increase efficiency and business advantage for customers through well-organized and perfectly arranged display solutions, understanding consumer psychology, making the store stand out, thereby encouraging passersby to stop in front of a forest of strong competitors.

A comprehensive scientific plan about everything that consumers see from the outside and inside of the store will help create a good impression of the business, attract attention, interest, and encourage consumers to buy more products.

When the COVID-19 pandemic is over, it has changed long-standing consumer habits, even loyal consumers who are only loyal to traditional shopping methods also consider online shopping. This requires retail stores to pay more attention to display strategies to attract customers.

Having an effective display solution also encourages consumers to shop directly and return multiple times, while also providing them with an impression of the store’s space, culture, and brand identity. If the display strategy is executed well, it will help increase customer loyalty to the brand.

The A Dong project provides a comprehensive display solution for the store chain

The A Dong project provides a comprehensive display solution for the Mia.vn fashion store chain

The A Dong project provides a comprehensive display solution for the Mia.vn fashion store chain

Display shelves are designed with lightweight materials, easy to install and move, and can be reused multiple times

Shelves are designed with a quick-release system for easy assembly and disassembly

With many trays, hooks, store staff can actively adjust the size flexibly, suitable for every product

This solution maximizes display space, is convenient and easy to replace goods, transport, and assemble

To increase brand recognition, A Dong also uses the main orange logo of the Mia.vn brand to incorporate into the design of product display shelves

This is a solution to connect spaces, exploit brand recognition, and convey messages from Mia.vn to shoppers

A Dong Project provides comprehensive display solutions for the Ava store chain

Display shelves and POSM images in the AVAKids chain


Display shelves and POSM images in the AVASport chain.


Display shelves and POSM images in the AVA Fashion chain

Although a B2B enterprise, the ultimate target that A Dong’s products serve is millions of consumers nationwide. Therefore, we not only understand our partners but also need to have a clear understanding of their customers in order to provide the best service.

The core principle that A Dong achieves its commitment is derived from a deep understanding and awareness of the customer’s issues in order to find solutions and desires to deliver results that exceed expectations. We call it unlimited service.

To get advice, please contact A Dong using the information below:

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