Product display – more effective than discount

For a retail distributor such as supermarkets, shops, chain stores, supermarket chains, ICs, the display booth is the face and the initial impression of the business in the eyes of consumers. This is also the simplest and easiest way of competing applications that businesses and companies can implement right away. The display of beautiful products, convenient, will be easy to get the sympathy of customers, in addition, the display will also make the image of the store in the eyes of consumers more beautiful.

Create showcase rules for shop system chain model

The key to that difference is that when you’re in a store of the system it’s like you’re standing in some other store. A retail corporation needs to look for a separate model for buyers to feel that separation on their own, without being able to equate to any system that is on the market. The supermarket has been a civilized consumption habit of the Vietnamese, and is gradually turning the habit into a new culture.

Display at the point of sale is the use of materials in the store or retail points to promote the product or brand. This activity helps strengthen the buyer’s decision in favor of the retailer and plays a huge role in the overall success of the brand and retailer.

Contributing to this work, the unit of the supermarket chain’s display shelves, the store must understand the rules to help design and provide the right type of shelves. Furthermore, it is necessary to synchronize the brand identity image to be more manageable, is a unit that provides display stands and construction of long-term advertising signs in the field of experience to supply large brand chains such as The Gioi Di Dong, Bach Hoa Xanh, Dien May Xanh, An Khang pharmacy, … We are confident to bring our customers quality products, as required.

More effective than discounts

According to Ogilvy Action’s research on 6,000 consumers in the U.S., display inside the store is more effective than discount. Of the 29% who bought goods at random, up to 18% said they were affected by the display in the store, 24% were affected by the display outside the shelves of conventional goods and only 17% were affected by the promotion and discount.

Of the 39% of shoppers who pre-decided to choose a brand at the store, 31% were affected by the display in the store, only 28% were affected by promotions and discounts, and 27% by other forms of promotion. The showcase in the store comes in 3 basic forms: next to the cash register, in shelving counters and on the floor display. Even in this form it is necessary to ensure 2 factors that are attractive to buyers and provide enough information to ensure the purchase:

Attracted at first sight

Inside the supermarket, a product only has a few seconds to grab the attention of the buyer. Therefore, the key element in the display is that the product must be seen easily. To do this, you must first choose the right location, even if the packaging is eye-catching, but if the wrong location, the product is not likely to be seen.

The ideal position is at eye level for consumers, in the range of 15 degrees – 30 degrees in the direction of looking down or Tuesday shelf from the bottom up. The height of the current Vietnamese is generally less than 1m80, to ensure observation is not obscured, can optimally observe, the shelves used in supermarkets are 1m8 – 2m high, except the product of a brand in the form of best selling, shoppers will not naturally look for products at the top or bottom of a stall.

To have the opportunity to be in the cart, the product must also impress the buyer. Styles and colors are the two main elements to hit the visual to swirl consumers, in which colors such as dark blue, red, yellow are the most noticeable colors.

Image building tools

For the fashion industry, product display is one of the most important advertising channels, identifying the position of brands and stores in the market, as well as identifying the target audience and demonstrating control over the business.

A miss manerquin exhibited the latest model, equipped with many accessories not only for sales, but also hit the mood and imagination of buyers. It is a collection of all the factors that affect vision


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