Brand space design – What most companies miss

Brand space is an architectural space that contributes to brand recognition, however, in Vietnam, The design of the brand space is not really of interest, let’s join A Dong to learn more about this.

If branding through media types is the clever use of languages. image and sound, the construction of brand space helps businesses realize brand values visually and vividly. So how to create a brand space that can make entire employees and customers, The partners who enter are both experiencing and listening to the brand story of businesses across space.

Learn about brand space

The brand space is a place designed to help people function and interact in it to feel the emotions that the brand conveys through sight and touch. The construction of the brand space is not really focused, but often appears in large, multinational brands or with foreign recipients. Therefore, businesses always have the notion that whether it is a branch or representative office, employees, customers or partners when participating in that space also have experiences and feelings.

Therefore, attention and importance should be paid to the design of the workspace to be able to maximize the creativity of the brand identity and bring unimaginable values. An ingenious brand storytelling that always brings excitement and emotions to participants.

Not just the workplace

Many people think that the brand space is needed only with places of exchange, meeting with customers such as representative offices or shops, restaurants,… however, it is a completely wrong thought/

It is possible that the office is not the first factor that commuters choose to work such as salary, bonus, after-sales mode but it is important to create an ideal working environment, engage and retain employees stay at the company.

Therefore, building a brand space not only contributes to increasing innovation, creativity, work also constitutes a unique identity, a unique value of the business, evoke the pride of employees and create a good impression with customers and partners.

How to build brand space?

One of the best ideas in promoting the brand image of the business is to create an impressive brand space with its own style. It can be lobby space, exhibition space, shared space, reception space,…places that are not directly related to your product but can help participants, being there are immersed in your brand space.

In Vietnam, the brand spaces in recent years are much emphasized in restaurants,cafes, supermarkets, with beautiful spaces, skillfully integrating the brand has helped these locations score plus customers. In addition to the cafe, we must mention the supermarket system, retail of the Mobile World, Electric Green Machine, Green department, pharmacy An Khang,… this is one of the demonstrations to build chain system with the exploitation and design of brand space effectively.

But, building a brand space has never been easy for businesses, depending on the field, the purpose of which enterprises can offer options to create the appropriate space.

In addition, the office is also considered as a compatible space, these places need to ensure the private space of employees, moderately have creative space in common, hinting to the private value and identity of the enterprise.

To have a private brand space, contact A Dong immediately, with many years of experience in the field of interior design – construction and has been a partner of major brands such as Mobile World, Green Department, Electric Green Machine, pharmacy Thien Long, IGN we are confident to bring you the brand space is wonderful.