A unique factory in Dong Nai incorporates a banana garden into industrial architecture

In the banana garden area in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai, a unique architectural style of a factory has emerged, combining Eastern and Western elements and, most notably, incorporating green design trends into the architecture of the factory.

Introducing green design trends into industrial architecture

Since the 1990s, along with the general development trend of the world, the concept of green design has been promoted and actively implemented in the Vietnamese industry. The green design model meets criteria for utilizing recycled materials, minimizing environmental impact, reducing natural resource exploitation, and contributing to climate change mitigation.

And at the present time, green design in industrial architecture has begun to have a positive impact, especially with the emergence of the Á Đông Factory with its intelligent and unique architecture, connected to nature specifically through a large and cool banana garden that will best meet the practical requirements.

Throughout the general development process, the green design trend in industrial architecture will quickly spread and comprehensively penetrate the Vietnamese market, creating strong leaps. It is not only in the industrial sector but also in the entire economy and influences several aspects of social life towards comprehensive, perfect, and superior development.

A Dong Factory – a pioneering unit leading the trend of modern factory structures

When people hear about a location in a “banana garden,” many think it would be a purely agricultural area, not ideal for setting up a factory. However, in reality, the Furniture & Advertising Company’s Factory is located at Plot 130 – TBĐ, Industrial Cluster No. 8, Slope 47, Long Thanh, Dong Nai with an area of over 20,000 m2, possessing many advantages in terms of location, infrastructure, and external facilities. And the banana garden is also an advantage, contributing to the construction of a clean and green environment, helping create a unique design and a one-of-a-kind spatial structure for the leading advanced factory in Vietnam.

Nothing can stop the breakthrough for the perfection and development of creative minds and a serious, professional working group. A unique architectural workshop nestled in a banana garden. It may seem crazy, but in reality, it is the trend of the times, advanced factory design, high technology, and environmentally friendly. All have formed a strange story passed on from ear to ear “Factory in the banana garden!”.

Enter to explore the technology factory

From the outside, it’s hard to imagine that a large, modern, and advanced factory is nestled within an extensive banana plantation, where each banana plant is meticulously and densely planted. The mature plants ready for harvest, the young ones growing lush and green – it all looks like a perfectly normal painting. Everything seems harmonious and unremarkable until you discover that the A Dong manufacturing plant is hidden amidst this lush banana field!

Portrait of A Dong factory with unique and advanced architecture in Vietnam

Standards in the general trend of the 4.0 era: Unique – Intimate, Professional – Comfortable, Flexible – Scientific, Quality – Potential. And the requirements, standards can be easily found in the unique architecture of A Dong factory.

Design blending old and new, East and West combination

The style of A Dong is expressed through the use of materials, colors, and design details that convey a sense of familiarity, comfort, and intimacy. It combines modern elements and colors to create accents and a unique spatial structure that reflects the essence of nature, such as earth-colored honeycomb tiles combined with the strong modernity of black iron.

The main material is raw wood, so a touch of green and light is necessary to create balance and focal points. This is demonstrated through the skylights in the center of the office. The addition of lush greenery creates a fresh and spacious atmosphere.

The issue of architecture with landscape space, A Dong factory has arranged a balanced space in the factory, aiming for freshness and harmony. That is also the reason why the factory is located in a cool green banana garden. The design aims to bring a large number of trees, build a working environment close to nature, and demonstrate the structure of a tropical, diverse biological factory. And this is also the common design trend of high-tech, intelligent, and superior factories.

A Dong factory has many supplies, wood, iron and steel materials arranged neatly, machinery arranged in lines, especially “very clean”. The shelves that have just been “out of the oven” are branded with the logos of large companies and corporations such as The Gioi Di Dong, Bach Hoa Xanh, FPT, Thien Long… Going deeper into the production area, there are long rows of shelves with big brands on the market. World famous for its strict standards and difficulty such as Apple, Huawei, Toshiba, Kymdan… are all present and waiting to be shipped.

Besides architecture, A Dong factory is equipped with many types of modern machinery and equipment, designs scientific working methods, and focuses on investing in high-quality human resources. With a team of high-quality experts, engineers, and employees, A Dong ensures stability in all aspects, preparing for future growth and leaps.

Not simply architecture, the design of A Dong factory is also a new era trend

Previously, when the country transitioned from a backward, stagnant agricultural economy to an industrialized, modernized economy, machinery and technology became a measure of progress. new trend. It is the era of artificial intelligence, promoting creativity and breakthroughs, aiming to perfect and sustainably develop the A Dong factory to clearly demonstrate the structure of a new era factory

The era of smart and aesthetic factory architecture trends prevails

Current trends, a quality-assured factory must meet all criteria for absolute product quality, increased output, professional and optimal processes, working methods, and scientific management. education, aesthetic and trendy architecture, high usability, professionalism and uniqueness, a civilized, comfortable, safe and creative working environment…

To achieve that, factories must above all be proactive, creative, and apply advanced architectural styles from developed countries to the conditions and development direction of Vietnamese businesses.

Pioneering will be risky if there is no reasonable and effective implementation method. And the effectiveness of the new-age factory architecture that Asia has applied will be a turning point, creating a premise for Vietnamese businesses to change, move towards perfection and comprehensive development. Surely in the coming time, many businesses will convert to modern, aesthetic factory structure design and reap great successes from this model.

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