With today’s diverse materials, corrugated iron still has a certain position in the market because of its durability, variety of designs and ease of construction. Corrugated iron is a material made of metal (mainly steel) that is laminated into sheets and coated with an outer layer of zinc through a hot dipping process. Not only in construction and construction, but now corrugated iron is also modified to create extremely beautiful and luxurious products for display and sales. Let’s learn about this versatile material with A Dong through the article below!


  • Long life
  • Light weight, easy installation and construction
  • High aesthetics, variety of models and colors
  • High applicability

Types of corrugated iron that A Dong used

Perforated corrugated iron

Corrugated iron (or corrugated iron bar) is a material for making billboards processed directly from high-grade imported corrugated iron, the two edges are squarely bent with a thickness ranging from 1 to 2mm. The corrugated iron bars before going into construction will be coated with an eye-catching electrostatic paint. Because the corrugated iron bars can be extended to arbitrary sizes by means of screws, all requirements for making large, medium and small billboards of users will be met when choosing construction.

In addition, perforated sheeting is increasingly widely used, this is an invention developed by A Dong company and applied to a series of chain stores across the country. Optional pattern punches make it easy for businesses to differentiate themselves, highlight their logos by enhancing the 3D effect, and provide a competitive advantage in capturing consumers’ attention. The advantage of this invention is that the construction speed is fast and simple, just by piecing the modules together by the skeletal system, while the patterned holes help the wind through to reduce the wind pressure.

Products from corrugated iron for display and sale

Steel is one of the materials widely used in daily life. Besides being used for civil works, now corrugated iron has also been used to make signboards and other POSMs for shops and showrooms. Both attract the eyes of many people while having a long life and durability.

Signboards: perforated corrugated iron signboards are being used commonly, not only to promote the brand but also to help decorate the store more attractive to customers. Can be combined with floating mica and LED lighting systems to stand out more.

Corrugated iron signboard A Dong produced for the Avakids mom and baby store chain

Shelves for hanging clothes: shelves made of corrugated iron have a modern style, strong lines that stand out and add beauty to the product. The floors are spaciously arranged so that a variety of product models are displayed, providing an effective display space for the store.

Clothes racks A Dong produced for the Avakids mom and baby store chain.

Household appliances display shelves: Household appliances display shelves have a minimalist beauty, firmly withstand large amounts of weight.

Display shelf of household appliances A Dong produced for the Avakids mom and baby store chain

Cashier counter: Using corrugated iron material in the design of the cashier counter will contribute to creating a surface, neat and classy for businesses, meeting the aesthetic needs of stores and showrooms.

Cashier counter A Dong produced for Avakids mom and baby store chain

A Dong is a company with more than 20 years of experience specializing in the field of advertising and furniture. As a leading unit providing design and construction solutions for chain stores and manufacturing products for display and sales such as signboards, counters, POSMs, etc. Professional working process at home With modern production machines, A Dong confidently commits to providing customers with package projects on schedule, with quality and optimal cost.