Mig Welding Machine

Mig Welding Machine, also called Welding Robot MIG, is a mechanical tool welding material, popularly used in the field of metal progressing.The MIG welding robot is considered a breakthrough in the welding automation industry. The introduction of the Mig Welding Machine has brought about increased work productivity, reduced labor costs, optimized costs, and brought quality products with near-perfect accuracy at the same time.

A Dong applies robotic welding technology to factory.

Mig Welding Machines serve in mass production, which replace humans in automated production lines with many times higher working productivity. It can weld in any position, from complex or simple welds with high precision and aesthetics.

Mig Welding Machines in A Dong’s factory

Features of Mig Welding Machines

  • The mig welding robot has a flexible arm, which allows the welding gun to move and change in any welding position, including narrow, hard-to-reach places.
  • High accuracy, uniform quality products and reducing human error compared to previous hand soldering techniques.
  • The risk of material deformation is completely eliminated.
  • Using a robot hand will increase productivity, easily control weld quality, free up labor, thereby optimizing product costs.
  • For products that need continuous welding or welding of large parts, using a robot will be very effective. The movements of the torch reduce the risk of operating errors.

Products of Mig Welding Machines

The welds are welded from the beautiful and compact robot hand, with high accuracy

Welding products when applying Mig Welding Machines