Automatic combined shelf production machine (Discharged Ton – Punching Shape – Rolling Edge)

The automatic combined shelf production machine system includes 3 types of machines, the corrugated iron will be flattened, then put through punching and finally automatically put into the edge rolling machine to complete the process of creating products. .

Automatic corrugated iron discharging machine used to discharge corrugated iron straight before use, which makes the work to be carried out faster, saving time and effort. This is the first stage of the production process, which plays an important role in the production process.

After the corrugated iron discharge process, the material will be put through a punching machine to punch holes in the corrugated iron sheets. This type of machine is operated through an advanced control system, capable of processing large-sized metal sheets.

Finally, the product will be put through an edge rolling machine, which is a machine capable of forming and rolling corrugated iron into many different shapes to serve the production needs of each type of item.

Features of Automatic combined shelf production machine

  • The machine produces products with almost absolute precision, so that the product always ensures aesthetics.
  • This is an automatic line that helps to increase output and increase labor productivity, thereby significantly optimizing costs.
  • Improve product quality: The use of automatic combiners has the potential to reduce human errors. Moreover, the products made by automation will have more uniform quality.

Pictures of Automatic combined shelf production machine