Panel Saw Machine

Panel saw machine, also known as Panel saw machine, is an automatic cutting machine for industrial boards, the machine can cut many stacked boards at the same time, thereby increasing productivity significantly. The panel saw system with automatic programming allows pre-setting the sawing specifications and produces products with absolute accuracy of 100%.

The panel saw machine is different from the sliding table saw and the CNC nesting board cutting machine in that it can cut many stacked boards.

Features of the panel saw machine

  • Processing boards quickly, just need to input parameters, the machine will automatically calculate the optimal cutting software combination to save significant excess workpiece.
  • Can cut multiple boards at the same time to save time.
  • Save labor and increase output to help optimize product costs for customers.
  • Guaranteed 100% accurate cutting, beautiful and aesthetic squeezing for perfect finished products.
  • The machine is used in mass and large-scale production to produce products with large capacity.
  • The panel saw cuts precisely vertically when cutting them into the right-sized finished parts.

Products of Panel saw machine

The board is cut by a panel saw machine beautifully, perfectly, accurately and can be cut a large number of pieces at the same time