Press Machine 4 Meters

Press machine 4 meters is used in mechanical processing to bend steel sheet, corrugated iron, aluminum foil by hydraulic mechanism. The machine can process and press all kinds of materials up to 4 meters in size.

Press Machine 4 Meters

Features of Press Machine 4 Meters

  • Machining high hardness products: Thanks to the strong force of the machine, up to 200 tons with a length of 4m, strong and decisive manipulation makes metal folding much easier.
  • The speed of the machine is fast: The machine has a fast speed and great stability, which shortens the time, improves productivity, saves processing costs, leading to a cheaper product price.
  • High precision: High-precision machined products, when produced in large quantities, this machine still ensures high accuracy as well as product aesthetics.
  • Processing on many materials: Can process on many different materials: Steel, stainless steel, sheet cutting, …
  • Allows to execute easily and efficiently which are difficult or impossible for humans to perform.

Products of Press Machine 4 Meters