Press Machine 2 meters

Press Machine 2 meters is a device for bending and pressing metal bars and metal sheets into required shapes such as bending or folding metal sheets of different thicknesses. The machine exerts large pressure through the punch (or called “lưỡi chấn”) upper and the mortar lower which have the same shape and size as the profile of the part to be machined.

2m press machine is equipped at A Dong factory

Features of Press Machine 2 meters

  • Folding the corrugated iron with a high-precision bending machine makes it very easy to process the next stages.
  • Fast speed, high productivity, saving time and processing costs, which helps to optimize product costs to save costs for customers.
  • Beautiful folding, ensuring the aesthetics of the product.
  • Can be performed on many different materials such as stainless steel, corrugated iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc. with large sizes such as corrugated iron sheets.
  • Can be processed and stamped accurately, ensuring the number of orders from large to small.

Pictures of products from Press Machine 2 meters

Products from Press machine 2 meters with high accuracy, beautiful appearance