Automatic Tube Punching Machine

Automatic Tube Punching Machine is a tool for making holes of the same size and shape in the surface of a metal pipe. The machine can punch round or square holes, punch holes on steel boxes, punch holes on steel pipes, on stainless steel boxes or profiled steel bars to create patterns or assembly positions for welding work.

Features of Automatic tube punching machine

  • When the machine is in operation, just insert the spokes through the punch hole, which saves time when you do not have to weld and cut materials, reduce costs, and do not have to use skilled workers, do not have to depend on skilled techniques. welding.
  • The product after punching and grafting onto the finished product has high aesthetics and especially a solid structure that can be added with welding if needed.
  • The machine is controlled automatically by touch screen, every detail is done precisely to produce a perfect product.

Products of Automatic tube punching machine

The machine can create a variety of patterns as well as the mounting positions of the product

The patterns on the tubes are evenly punched, the size depends on the design