Punching machine 150 tons

Punching machine 150 tons is manufactured with a very powerful operating capacity of up to 150 tons. Used to process metal materials such as iron, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. in the form of sheets, rolls, bars, … into the required profiles.

This machine is specialized for making holes of the same size and shape in metal surfaces.

Features of Punching Machine 150 tons

  • Can punch on many different materials including thick and hard steel surfaces.
  • The machine can punch different hole shapes such as square, round, or oval holes.
  • The machine achieves higher-than-expected accuracy, causing less distortion to the finished product.
  • The machine has a large capacity, so it increases working efficiency, saves labor costs and production time, thereby optimizing product costs.
  • Thanks to the large punching force, the product is not only uniform but also uniform and precise, thus ensuring high aesthetics.

Pictures of Punching Machine 150 tons

Product punches on sheet metal uniformly

Products of Punching machine 150 tons