Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine can cut many types of inox pipes with diameter from 21 to 60, thickness from 0.4 to 1 milimet, which ensures counter lodes are bright, no swarf , no pipe snail. 

Automatic pipe cutting machine

This is a modern machine in Vietnam for the auxiliary industry of pipe cutting, has a solid and accurate billet measuring mechanism, can cut one or more pipes at the same time.

Features of Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

  • The machine is used to open, straighten, cut pipes into fixed length pipes, with beautiful cuts, high aesthetics, fast and efficient cutting. With the ability to cut a variety of hard materials without damaging the material, ensuring a beautiful, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing cut.
  • The product created can meet the maximum for high-tech products in terms of precision and product quality.
  • Tube products: Cut pipes and tubes in round, square, rectangular, oval, waist…
  • Machine allows the features of locating and cutting to many different long pieces.

Products of automatic pipe cutting machine.

Products of pipe cutting machine