A Dong’s warehouse system

To provide construction services across 63 provinces, A Dong currently owns 3 warehouses in Dong Nai and Vinh Phuc. To optimize closely managed warehouses with orders, we use a tight warehouse management system that combines high techniques of mechanics, automation and people for managing goods in the warehouse in the most optimal way, ensuring delivery time and controlling the amount of inventory in the warehouse to a minimum.

With the production of a variety of items, it is very necessary to produce, transport, and arrange goods in the warehouse to ensure fast and accurate export. The coordination of machines and people will ensure that the goods are intact in quantity and quality during the storage process.

Warehouse operation process at A Dong factory

Goods after production will be sent to the warehouse, then the storekeeper and QC department will check the quality. If qualified, they continue to enter the data into the software system and transfer it to the storage warehouse. In case the QC goods are not qualified, they will be returned to the special area for processing. When there is a production or warehouse order, the warehouse department will look up the data, prepare the goods, then make the shipment and update on the software, save the documents.

In each stage, each action group has its own techniques, operations and requirements:

  • Firstly, materials are warehoused, after going through many stages of testing so that when the quality standards of input materials are met, they can be used for production to become the final product.
  • Materials are involved in the production to create products and import into warehouse. In order to continue the journey to enterprises, products are carefully preserved and stored, and finished products are arranged according to the criteria of neat, easy to find, easy to see and easy to get.
  • Before products are shipped to the next steps in the supply chain, the products need to be approved by QC to issue a pass. When receiving the order to move to the construction site, the products will be neatly arranged by the warehouse staff and transported to the construction site by the driver.

Warehouse of A Dong ensures:

  • Progress: Meet the import and export activities according to the producing plan. In addition, the progress is guaranteed to deliver the goods delivered to the distribution sites according to the committed schedule.
  • Quality: Storage and preservation activities must ensure that goods are not damaged or lost, and ensure the quality of products stored at the warehouse.

Because A Dong executes construction projects across the country in 63 provinces, there are 2 more transshipment warehouses in Vinh Phuc to distribute goods to the Northern provinces, ensuring the objectives, progress, and quality standards. common standards in the supply process.