Corrugated Iron Signboard

More than 60% of businesses report a 10% increase in sales by changing the design or refreshing their signsboard, according to the Signage Foundation.

A previous report by FedEx Office also showed that there is a strong link between a well-invested signboard and positive consumer behavior.

Consumers not only recognize a business by its product or service, but also by their entire experience with that business. In this process, signboards take on more than just an informational role. The FedEx report found that 76% of survey respondents entered a store they had never been to before because they were attracted by the signboard.

According to this report, 68% of consumers often imagine and make judgments about a business based on the quality and attractiveness of a signboard. If the signboard is carefully invested, they tend to have a positive assessment of the business and make good predictions about products and services. In contrast, an old signboard has a negative impact on consumers’ predictions about the experience with that business, and they tend to ignore it. This is reflected in the 52% of people surveyed who feel less desire to go into a store when they see a poor quality signboard.

Chain store of AVA KIDs – MWG display the signboard that was designed by A Dong Company.

“In a fiercely competitive market with hundreds of large and small brands, attracting and creating a good impression of a business for passersby in just a few seconds is an intense race, requiring speed and constant creativity. “, said Mr. Nguyen Thien Ngon – Director of A Dong Company.

In addition to traditional solutions such as alu façade, mica signboard, light box,… the designs of corrugated iron signboards with perforated patterns are increasingly widely used. The invention was developed by A Dong Company and is being applied to a series of chain stores nationwide.

Sheet metal punching and rolling line at the factory of A Dong company

According to the representative of A Dong, the optional pattern punching application helps businesses easily make a difference, highlighting the logo by increasing the 3D effect, providing a competitive advantage in winning the attention of consumers. 

The advantage of this invention is that the construction speed is fast and simple, just by piecing the modules together by the skeletal system, while the patterned holes help the wind through to reduce the wind pressure.

Corrugated iron punched pattern

However, the challenge of this type of corrugated iron signboard is the requirement of investing in a punching line which can both ensure a suitable price and still meet the quality, sharpness and accuracy in the design of the details, as long as easy installation at fast speed while still ensuring good bearing capacity.

“In the context that retailers are increasingly focusing on in-store marketing methods, businesses that provide products for display and sales like A Dong are also constantly racing against time to develop new products and effective inventions that help increase sales and brand recognition”, shared A Dong representative.