Installation and quotation of supermarket shelves

To have a supermarket, modern supermarket system, the utility scored impressively in the eyes of customers, not only decorate, but the display system of goods needs to be convenient for customers to choose. Supermarket shelves are one of the essential elements for your attention, helping to get convenient shopping, guests have a pleasant, comfortable experience.

Nowadays, the economy is growing strongly so that the ideas of supermarket business bloom, followed by supermarket systems that grow like mushrooms, but choosing a set of quality supermarket shelves is not easy. Meanwhile, the demand for goods and consumer psychology is clearly shifting from convenience stores, mini supermarkets. Therefore, in order to attract consumers, it is very important to present goods in such a way that they are eye-catching, impressive.

Speaking briefly about supermarket shelves, this is a form of mounting shelves from various large and small details. Each detail plays a key role in the formation of a unified shelf body. Customers who are interested in conventional products pay attention only to the color, shape, specification, but forget about the unity in these details. It is these things of the customer that are the key to the poor-quality shelf sales units can be sold, a mistake that can be paid by both the stability in the operation of the store later because of the durability of the product low.

Super beautiful shelf patterns, the most handy
Mesh shelves

Also known as mesh back shelves, consisting of single shelves and double shelves. Mesh supermarket shelves are currently the most expensive, it is present almost in all large and small supermarkets, grocery stores, dealers nationwide. There are 3 Reasons Why This shelf model is so popular:

Cheaper price: corrugated supermarket shelves will cost cheaper than other supermarket display shelves models. However, always ensure the quality of products, durability and beauty.

Create a ventilated space:The cylindrical body is an iron mesh, so the goods displayed on the shelves have gaps that help ventilate. At the same time, shelves will make it easier for customers to find the products they need to buy, and store owners will also facilitate the management of sales.

Create a ventilated space:the cylindrical body is an iron mesh, so the goods displayed on the shelves have gaps that help ventilate. At the same time, shelves will make it easier for customers to find the products they need to buy, and store owners will also facilitate the management of sales.

Perforated supermarket shelves

Perforated corrugated shelf (or hole tole back shelf, perforated tole) is a harmonious combination of closed corrugated shelf and mesh shelf. The product with the back facing is a perforated corrugated sheet that looks very beautiful, luxurious and eye-catching. This is one of the types of shelves that will be the trend of choice of most customers in the coming time.

Top shelf supermarket

The top of the supermarket shelves are devices for placing goods at the beginning and end of the row. They make it easy for customers to find items easily and help stores and supermarkets separate different rows. Today, the top shelves are used as a place to sell ” hot ” items or promotional items that increase customer friendliness.

Supermarket fruit and vegetable shelves

Supermarket vegetable shelves are products used for vegetable and fruit items in the supermarket system, shelves with many floors, with plastic baskets placed on the sides of the floors to classify the best items. This mini shelf model is suitable for small supermarket space to sell the amount of vegetables and fruits, vegetables clean the average amount.

Supermarket shelves

Corrugated supermarket shelves are products manufactured by vinamax to meet the increasing demand for quality products. Corrugated supermarket shelves as well as supermarket shelves are available on the market with iron construction and powder coated 2 layers. They are composed of ordinary details such as : shelf trays, pillar legs, support bars…

Supermarket shelves advertising products at supermarkets

Product display shelves supermarket advertising display products: beverage, milk, household appliances,… of brands. Shelves are manufactured according to individual samples and orders of each customer, often painted and glued advertising decals of the brand.

Note when buying supermarket shelves
Supermarket shelf legs

The supermarket shelf stand is a vertical centralized load bearing unit of the entire shelf. The overall load capacity of the shelf rack is dominated directly from the quality of this part itself. Customers who buy supermarket shelf racks should pay attention to the first shelf rack legs, choosing products with legs manufactured from iron and steel stamping monolithic box instead of Arc Welding. Make a close look at the corner groove at the top of the shelf legs to detect stamping or welding legs as well as the door uniformity of the supporting arm openings. Remember that the load capacity, the overall life of a supermarket shelf rack depends 80% on the quality of these legs.

Supermarket shelf rack

The common parameters that 99% of customers care about are the width, length, height or color of a supermarket shelf rack, they forget that the width of the new shelf rack rack decides to go to the storage space or display the product. Pay attention to the shelf rack when choosing to buy supermarket shelves such as the number of hardened (the underside of the rack) how many PCs (usually there are 2 or 3), choosing shelves with monolithic stamping racks from corrugated with edged edges. Standard width 300, 400, 500, 600 mm respectively length 600, 800, 900, 1.000, 1.100, 1.200, 1.500 mm.

Low-quality shelf products for supermarkets with corner welded wheels instead of stamping, the number of hardened rods 1 or 2 are ARC welded to the edge of the shelf rack instead of contact welding, the size of non-standard wheels is long and wide above.

Hand tray rack supermarket

Hand support rack supermarket Rack has a small size but is an important part in connecting the rack to the rack base. The small size but the entire load of the goods is left or displayed on the tray. There are many supports on the trunk of the arm that exist to cling to the legs, the more the number of supports, the greater the capacity to store goods on the tray, which means the better the load.

On low-quality shelving products, hand support racks supermarket racks exist only 1 or at most 2 supports. The size of the supporting model is heterogeneous (1 to, 1 small), not the position on the base of the cylinder can also fit into this tab. When choosing to buy supermarket shelves, customers should observe the evenness of this tab, try to put hand support on the entire base to determine it is a supermarket shelf quality assurance.

A Dong manufacturing supply top supermarket shelves

It is possible to summarize the knowledge to be prepared before buying supermarket shelves is to measure the premises, choose a reasonable consultation place and buy cheap goods. A Dong is the unit capable of providing all those conditions and knowledge to you. If interested in cheap liquidated supermarket shelves please contact us for advice.

With over 10 years of experience advising thousands of supermarkets and shops across the country. A Dong is confident that the unit gives you the most correct and reasonable suggestions. When acquiring the specific area of the customer we will advise you how suitable shelf size for length and width, including how many sets. And which shelves will suit the type of goods that you plan to sell, the layout of the display of goods on shelves.

And surely when you buy directly in A Dong, you will buy the cheapest and the most quality because we are the manufacturer. You will not have to go through any intermediaries, we will serve you from A to Z such as consulting, design, transportation, installation and warranty. Quality is always what we put first because it is our only and long-term business path.

A Dong always gives consumers satisfaction about:

  • Product quality always satisfies customers
  • The most competitive price on the market today
  • Support consulting and answering any questions about the types of products shelves
  • Provide thoughtful, dedicated customer service
  • Support shipping and free shipping Hanoi City
  • Customers get the best discount when buying in bulk
  • Consulting, designing, arranging free premises survey to help customers save investment costs and expand the usable area.
  • Support installation to place.
  • The entire shelf is powder coated according to automatic spraying technology. Powder coating with high adhesion, smooth screed effectively supports the protection of iron material inside from oxidation by the environment

Supermarket shelf quotes

Aiming to target Vietnamese to use Vietnamese Goods, A Dong provides high-quality supermarket shelves with reasonable price, providing effective and cost-effective solutions for enterprises. Therefore, a dong supermarket shelf products are trusted by thousands of customers because of the outstanding advantages such as Variety, good bearing capacity, high durability.

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