What is Alumium ? application of alu

Recently, Alumium has emerged as one of the great interior and exterior surface decoration materials. The diversity of colors, abundance of types and advantages in physical characteristics make far beyond other materials in the industry become one of the most selected materials in the advertising industry, and the most popular in buildings such as restaurants, showrooms, time shops, supermarkets, … A lot of people don’t know what alu is. And how to use alu.

What is Alumium?

Aluminum is a synthetic plastic aluminum alloy sheet, the surface is painted in luxurious colors, beautiful, durable, its service life can last up to 15 years. Aluminum has a thickness of 3-5 millimeters, and depending on the purpose of use, one can choose the thickness accordingly.

Aluminum panels are used as surface lieu cladding, or machined as braille, lightweight, colorful, patterned, with high accuracy, easy to clean, and they have the advantages of overcoming the disadvantages of kahcs materials that are limited to the transmission of sound and can insulate. This is also the reason why alu is often chosen as the most facade today.

Learn the structure of the ALU plate

The use of advertising ALUs has a reason, that is, their composition meets the current needs. The Aluminum structure consists of the following 8 basic components:

  • Paint.
  • Protective film.
  • Durable aluminum alloy sheet.
  • The plastic is non-toxic.
  • PVDF primer.
  • PVDF painted in finishing color.
  • PVDF color coating.
  • The film protects against scratches.

Common types of Alu plates nowadays

Currently, the famous aluminum manufacturers in the market need to mention such firms as Chen Chen, Alcorest, Alupe, Alumax, Vertu, Huydai, Pacific, Alcobest, ign which are the most popular there:

Alu Alcotop is a high-end Korean product manufactured with a modern, high-quality line that meets European standards, the product is often used for large works and has high technical requirements.

Alu alcorest plate: this is a Vietnamese brand, appreciated over the years in the market, with the common ground for quality and price, this is a top choice for domestic goods for applications making Alu signs, Alu signs both indoors and outdoors. It also updates the ALU alcorest color scheme regularly so that its customers can choose the most beautiful, most suitable colors for themselves.

Tie Chen Alu plate: made in Taiwan, one of the products with diversity, rich in color and cheap price should be used in advertising applications today.

What colors does Alu have?

Alu color has about 30 different colors with color fastness can be up to 5 years (depending on the environment). The colors and veins of Alu are quite diverse, including paint system, imitation stone pattern, wood veins Alu, White Alu, golden mirror Alu… for customers to choose the right color positioning their brand in the customer’s heart.

Alu plate quotation

Outdoor Alu plate price or indoor Alu plate price will have many different levels, which partly depends on the thickness of alu plate, color, alu plate size and manufacturer .

Learn the pros and cons of using alu in advertising

For materials in the advertising industry, any material will have its own advantages and disadvantages, your task is to find out if their advantages are suitable for your requirements. Here are the pros-cons of Alu panels for your reference:

Advantages of using alu panels

  • The first advantage of aluminum panels is to protect the structural surfaces of the building from the effects of weather in Vietnam such as rain, wind, sun, storm,…
  • Aluminum plate insulation is very good, it resists heat loss due to optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Having a light weight, high flexibility, it is easy to cut aluminum sheet into many small sheets, or bending so that the construction becomes easier and more cost-effective.

Disadvantages of using alu plates

Alu materials in advertising also have some disadvantages that you need to know when using such as: once clad in the structure will be difficult to disassemble so make it difficult to move, replace or not take advantage to install for other works.

On the other hand, due to frequent exposure to external agents such as sunlight, rain, wind, dirt, alu panels can deteriorate or change color over time.

Alu aluminum plate cladding methods

There are two methods of Alu that you need to know:

Direct bolted groove screws

Characteristics of this method are:

  • Apply for indoor works.
  • Alu aluminum sheet size from 2mm-3mm, aluminum cladding sheet with aluminum thickness below 0.21 mm.
  • When linked to a steel skeleton, the skeleton needs to be precise.
  • The colored aluminum surface is slotted, so it is more prone to peeling, warping than other methods.
  • The surface of the plate when finished should not be absolutely flat.
  • This method has simple machining techniques, saving materials and accessories.

Method of folding Ke shot box

With this method, there are characteristics as follows:

  • Applicable for outdoor construction works, aluminum cladding has an aluminum thickness of 0.21 mm or more.
  • Increased tension, hardness and more stability for the construction surface.
  • The color aluminum surface is not separated, so the strength is higher.
  • The plate after machining and bonding with the steel skeleton does not affect the surface of the work.
  • The builder does not need to require excessive workmanship.

    What is Aluminum application for?

Today, Alu plastic aluminum alloy panels are no longer so alien to residential buildings, companies, showrooms, shops, the field of indoor advertising as well as outdoor advertising. It is gradually dominant in place of some materials such as wood, steel, cladding and is applied in:

  • Facades of houses, buildings, offices, sales showrooms, shops, commercial centers.
  • Make decorative ceilings, sound insulation, heat reduction, fire resistance.
  • Making advertising posters, advertising signs, backdrop,
  • Body decoration, body, case, staircase, gas station, Church, greeting gate,…

Design unit-construction of advertising signs, clapping Alu prestige

The advertising market now has many units, advertising sign design companies, construction alu. Choosing a truly prestigious address is difficult. Besides, advertising signage is very important, it can be said that it has a part of the face of the company. Therefore, finding a design – construction unit to ensure quality, aesthetics is quite difficult.

With the criteria of choosing a prestigious company, good service, beautiful design. Knowing that, A Dong brings customers design services-construction of advertising signs, construction of Alu panels package for your choice.

Why choose A Dong?

The first criterion we bring to that customer is that ADong has many years of experience in the field of signage advertising. With design – construction experience for famous brands such as: BachhoaXanh.com, DienmayXANH.com, Thegioididong.com, Long Chau pharmacy, Thien Long, Telecommunications A, Vietcombank Bank, Agribank,….

  • With quality assurance criteria, high sense of responsibility, ensure the right quality and on schedule.
  • Our designs always catch the trend, constantly updated materials, materials so that your work is the most quality.
  • The price we offer is competitive.
  • Customer service, maintenance, long-term warranty.

    Signage patterns are often associated with the Alu facade

    Sign alu Braille mica

This is one of the most commonly used signs, which not only bring aesthetic beauty, elegance, but also mica braille signs are diverse in color and can be machined with many shapes and sizes. Mica Braille has a gloss, and a smooth surface, which will bring elegance and sophistication to the sign.

Stainless steel Braille Alu signboard

This sign will certainly be no stranger to many people, especially in the advertising industry. Inbox material has a shiny, luxurious color to help the logo add highlights, possess high durability, so can be used long-term without oxidation. Logo floating in stainless steel often has very few colors, so to coordinate with beautiful design will be something that customers are interested.

To optimize the costs for customers with billboards, Alu, you need to find out in advance and find a reputable unit to get the best advice for you. In addition, partnering with a reputable unit will make it easier for you to maintain and warranty products.

A Dong is one of the leading units in the field of Alu facade billboards, with experienced design team, always updated workmanship, catch the trend, good construction team, we are confident to bring customers the best quality products.

If you are looking for a unit with extensive experience in the field of construction of advertising signs, a prestigious and quality unit, A Dong is the right choice for you. Let us help you, contact hotline 093.996.0403 (Ms.Thu) .  Or send inquiry information to email lethu.posm@adong.com.vn to be answered questions and quotes.