A Dong becomes the official contractor of 5 AVA chain stores

A Dong has officially become the contractor of display and sales products to 5 newly launched AVA chain stores of The Gioi Di Dong Corporation (MWC). These are 5 strategic chain stores in MWC’s ambition to form a multi-industry retail group and reach $10 billion in revenue by 2025, expanding to the Southeast Asia area.

Prior to that, A Dong also had more than 20 years of experience in supplying to The Gioi Di Dong, Dien May Xanh, Aeon Mall, FPT, Huawei… Emerging as a leading manufacturer in this field, A Dong has a growing number of customers according to brand reputation, most recently Pepsico and Cellphones.

Cellphones – Product display and customer experience in the Cellphones chain stores

Especially with Pepsico, A Dong won the bid for this big brand right in the peak period of Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City and Southern provinces. At that time, thanks to its keen vision, this company implemented strict epidemic prevention and production measures one month before the government issued the official order. This helps to prevent production from being uninterrupted. Then when Pepsico got into trouble with its supply chain, A Dong promptly responded to urgent needs in a volatile period.

In 2021, even though the factory was the most affected by the severe epidemic in the country, A Dong still recorded a growth rate of 175%, proving its ability to ensure the stability of supply activities.

At the display shelves and POSM in AvaKids chain stores.

A business representative also said that A Dong’s outstanding advantage is the ability to manufacture, transport and construct a full-service store according to the all-in-one model, from design concept to a ready-to-operate store. Not many manufacturers in Vietnam have this capability while ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery across all product categories.

A Dong factory is equipped with advanced machinery system

To achieve this commitment, A Dong is required to pioneer in importing advanced machinery systems, continuously renewing technology according to the world’s trends, and at the same time promoting research and development of new inventions that bring innovation to better business performance for its partners.

Corrugated iron production line – a new invention being applied to the AVA chain of stores

Typically, the invention of perforated corrugated iron signboard is used for a many AVA chain stores nationwide. This invention helps to shorten the construction period by fundamentally changing the construction method and simply threading the modules together by the fastener system. While the patterned perforations enhance the 3D effect, enhance the brand identity and help the air flow through to reduce wind pressure, making construction work easier and faster.

A Dong’s  representative said: “Although it is a B2B business, the final audience that A Dong’s products reach and serve are tens of millions of consumers across the country. Therefore, not only do we need to understand our partners, we must also understand the customers to best serve them.

What helps us to fulfill our commitment comes from the determination to deeply perceive and understand the customer’s problem to find a solution, the desire to bring the customer a result that surpasses expectations. We call it unlimited service.”