A Dong is compiling retail display solutions for 2023

Rotating shelves, perforated metal shelves with decorative patterns… are the display solutions for retail stores in 2023, according to a recent market research published by A Dong.

This report also highlights market initiatives that help retailers stay updated and develop appropriate plans in establishing product layout strategies, thereby attracting customer attention, encouraging more purchases, and ultimately increasing revenue.

Perforated metal shelves with decorative patterns.

The use of unique shelving designs enhances the 3D effect and color combination, giving a competitive advantage in capturing consumer attention compared to traditional display solutions. This trend is being adopted by famous brands such as Thế giới di động, Topzone, Mia.vn to create their own distinctive features.

As the representative of A Dong – the unit implementing the application of perforated decorative patterns, currently, the demand of the store chain does not stop at the shelves but rather extends to display solutions to create an attractive space that captures attention and encourages consumers to buy more products. “Understanding this, we are actively promoting consulting on display solutions to create friendly stores that are suitable for customers’ psychology, exploit brand recognition, and convey messages from the brand to shoppers,” the representative shared.

180-degree rotating shelf “input front – output front”

A display shelf that can rotate 180 degrees helps organize new products with longer expiration dates from the back. At the same time, the tilted design of the shelf will automatically slide the products forward to replace the purchased ones. This shelf system helps release products according to the “first in, first out” principle.

Smart wall shelf

A sensory-stimulating display solution, built upon the combination of two types of rails, which form the framework of a wall-mounted shelf. When accessories are hooked onto this rail groove, the lights will illuminate, making the products stand out more. Sales staff can also change the display to any position with a rail groove.

Integrated payment screen shelf

Building a seamless experiential journey is the new trend in the future, so integrating a self-service payment screen right at the product display shelf will bring convenience and a new experience by eliminating the need to queue up at the counter for payment.

Display stand

With a system created by combining square blocks together, the height and width can be adjusted accordingly to create display stands for products or promotional programs. You can reuse them multiple times and customize them to fit each product and need.

According to representatives from A Dong company, the biggest bottleneck for current chains when it comes to opening new locations, upgrading, and improving to standardize the system is the difficulty in finding units that have both experience and production capacity to meet large quantities and fast speeds while still ensuring quality.

Instead of using multiple contractors for different tasks, chain businesses can consider partnering with a full-service provider to reduce the burden of contractor management, quality control, and scheduling. For example, Mia.vn chain stores have chosen the “one-stop” service from A Dong in their recent strategy to standardize their retail store system. This service includes strategic consulting, display layout design, shelf production, and installation.

However, in order for the chain business to trust and be willing to cooperate, A Dong also needs to demonstrate its ability to meet the requirements of the chains. The company has invested in building a 20,000 m2 production plant in Tam Phuoc Industrial Park, Dong Nai with a total capital of 150 billion VND. The majority of the capital is invested in modern equipment, and the quality process is supervised from the supply of materials to installation and completion. “Here, chains can find all the necessary products to equip a store,” affirmed a representative of the company.

Source: https://vnexpress.net/a-dong-thong-ke-cac-giai-phap-trung-bay-ban-le-cho-2023-4614961.html