10 + beautiful product display templates

Product display shelves are the type of shelves used to display goods in stores, supermarkets, these shelves not only help to store, organize products to help customers easily see, neatly but also help save space, both redecorating create a professional space. Favorable in the arrangement of goods, storage, cleaning of goods. Bring efficiency to business owners, shop owners.

Today, well-known brands compete with each other not only in terms of products, but also in terms of Marketing campaigns. To survive for a long time in a competitive environment requires businesses to have the right vision as well as marketing strategy. Advertising products to the market to reach consumers is always a priority factor in business. To do this well, the arrangement of the way of ordering, placement of product display in places such as supermarkets, grocery counters, distribution agents… it has to be really effective.

In order to support as well as combine with advertising space, business owners often use the display shelves extremely eye-catching and impressive products. These cabinets will have diverse sizes, colors, styles and materials to create the space of many stores and different types of products.


What kind of display shelves are there
Classification of product display shelves by material

Based on the material there are the following types of shelves:

Wooden product display shelves: are samples of products made of wood materials such as MDF wood, meat wood. Often shelves for goods made of wood will be very diverse in design, high aesthetics, but not good durability.

Shelves made of paralyzed iron: usually iron display shelves will be limited in design, the aesthetics will not be as high as good durability. Suitable for items such as groceries, books… and items with heavy tonnage.

Product display glass shelves: display glass cabinet shelves will attract customers to linger longer with the product. Currently on the market there are two types of aluminum glass cabinets that showcase popular products: multi-storey sales aluminum glass cabinets and shelf-free sales aluminum glass cabinets. Usually the glass used as a shelf will have a strength thickness of 5 mm or 8 mm.

Classification of shelves by purpose of use

+ Cosmetic display shelves: because cosmetics are usually high-end items, they need separate cabinets and shelves, ensuring elegance and cleanliness when exhibiting. With the usual cosmetic products can use supermarket shelves for display.

+ Glass display shelves: usually wooden or metal shelves with shielding glass ensure hygiene and elegance

+ Handbag display shelves: it also depends on the type of handbag that you sell to have the type of shelves and how to display them accordingly. You can also use our supermarket display shelves here to display shoes

+ Commodity display shelves : models of commodity display shelves are very popular in the market. Variety of commodity products.

Models of display cabinets, beautiful product display shelves

Product display single shelf

This type of shelf consists of storage shelves and a back facing the wall. Because of this feature, single shelves are heavily used in corner spaces, pressurized walls or heads in double shelves. Using single store shelves will save space, the cost is cheap suitable for small stores.

Single supermarket shelves are used in both supermarkets, convenience store chains and chemical stores. They are usually placed at the top of the range, close to the wall, or store spaces are limited in area. The dimensions of single supermarket shelves produced according to the standards are as follows:

Height: 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m. The 2 most ordered types are 1.2 m and 1.5 m

Cargo floor tray length: 70cm, 90cm, 1.2 cm

Number of Chuck floors: the two most common types are 4 Chuck floors and 5 Chuck floors. For some large-sized items, usually stores will use 2 to 3 tiers of trays. However, these types are not widely used.

Double shelf product display

Double shelves designed on both sides can carry goods and products. This type of shelving for this product is usually located in the middle of the sales space. According to the installation experience of the A Dong team, this is the most used type of shelves. Most large and small supermarkets or grocery stores use single shelves. Supermarket double shelves that have just stored many goods are aesthetically pleasing.

Double supermarket shelves with design as 2 single shelves are applied back to each other. This type of shelves are usually ordered by store owners, supermarkets to display in the middle of the aisle, forming rows to help buyers conveniently search for the goods they need. This also makes the goods more logically and scientifically divided. Supermarket or hypermarket systems should use this type of shelves.

Double supermarket shelves are manufactured in the following popular sizes:

Height: 1.2 m, 1.5 m and 1.8 m. Of which two types 1.5 m and 1.8 m are the most used types

Length: 70cm, 90cm and 180cm

Number of floors: 8-10 floors are divided evenly on each side 4-5 floors.

Perforated tole back shelf

The product with the back is patterned perforated corrugated panels put together. Corrugated shelves will be stronger than corrugated shelves. With a unique design model this is a shelf model also often found in mini supermarkets, convenience stores.

It is almost like a supermarket shelf. However, the back of the shelf is not completely closed, but is punched into small holes that are equally open and more modern. Shelves are also paired from details such as cylindrical legs, supporting arms and supports to form a complete set. This type of shelf is suitable for the sale of groceries such as confectionery, household appliances such as shower gel, shampoo, spices, ICs with an average load of about 80kg/floor poured down.


The corrugated shelves with the back are closed corrugated panels put together. The product definitely supports the display of many types of items. This is a very popular shelf model in shops, mini supermarkets large and small.

It is a type of shelf made from iron and coated with anti-rust powder coating. Instant corrugated shelves are assembled from pillar leg parts, cylindrical handles and racks to form a complete cargo display shelf. Corrugated shelves with back are made from sealed corrugated for the difference from other types of shelves. Its advantage is that it is able to make a solid back for the product that is not tilted, poured, creating professionalism, modernity for the display style inside the store, supermarket.

Product display glass cabinet

Glass cabinets showcasing products inside will make customers linger longer viewing, increasing the ability to sell better. Currently on the market there are two types of aluminum glass display cabinets that are widely used: multi-storey sales aluminum glass cabinets and zero-shelf aluminum glass cabinets. Each type of cabinet is suitable for different types of goods and food.

Usually shelves usually use ordinary white glass or tempered glass with a thickness of 5 mm or 8 mm. Glass cabinets usually have lower durability, cheaper prices while tempered glass cabinets, toughened shelves are often used in large commercial centers, gold and silver stores…

Tuneup easily arrange products for sale easily, attract customers. With the biggest advantage is that the glass helps show customers the product, thereby stimulating purchases. Shelves are also easy to clean, clean when dirt. If you often have to move shelves you can choose shelves with wheel mounting.

Modern iron frame display shelves

Iron frame shelves have many different models but the shelves are designed simply but in modern style are used in combination with iron and wood materials. Shelves are often used in the working room, living room, shops, cafes create a modern style.

The shelf carries a simple, compact design style that is very convenient. The iron frame is powder coated against rust, corrosion, termites during use. The shelf part and frame are completely assembled, bolted, so it is very convenient for transportation or change.

Vintage style wooden display shelves

Shelves for antiques are used mostly in stores selling valuables, in living rooms, working rooms to decorate products for living spaces. Shelves have many models, different sizes depending on the needs of use you can choose the right shelf model.

The wood material of choice used is wood resistant to termites, mold, shelves are painted with a large coating of wood protective paint, which prevents the shelves from being subjected to other external factors.

Display shelves for groceries, retail stores

A display shelf in a retail store is a device used to arrange various types of goods in the store. Shelves help you optimize the ability to display goods in the supermarket, saving maximum space for the store. Create modern shopping space for customers, easily search for goods to buy.

Currently shelves are available in various types with different sizes, number of floor trays. You should combine single shelves, double shelves, top shelves to create the best storage space for your store.

Where to buy product display shelves?

Currently, the market of buying and selling products display shelves is quite vibrant with many businesses and individuals involved. But most are commercial business units that are not involved in the production process. A Dong is one of the leading pioneers in the field of manufacturing various types of shelves for goods. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, bid big and small projects and receive trust from customers. Our products to the market are the best, most affordable products, always giving customers maximum satisfaction from product quality to service quality.

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