CNC Iron Bending Machine

CNC iron bending machine is a type of automatic bending machine, bending steel belt, the machine is automatically controlled by CNC system to make the machine easy to control. The machine can bend iron belts with complex shapes such as iron belts: square, rectangular, H, triangle, star, even circular profiles.

The iron bending machine is equipped in A Dong’s factory for production

The machine’s stretching system

The machine can bend many types with different diameters

Features of CNC iron bending machine

  • This series integrates control panel and CNC system, so it has high and optimal precision.
  • It is possible to bend many different steel profiles, even those with high difficulty.
  • Processing most metals with different sizes and shapes, products created for high precision and aesthetics.
  • The machine has the function of bending, straightening and shaping iron bars to ensure compliance with the requirements of standard specifications.
  • The machine works fully automatically, which saves absolutely on both labor and materials, thereby optimizing the product cost.

Products of CNC iron bending machine

Products of CNC iron bending machine with many different shapes