CNC Nesting Machine

CNC Nesting machine is a line of processing machines combined with specialized design software for furniture production. The software can automatically output the code for the CNC machine, and at the same time create the detail to move to the edge banding and horizontal drilling stages.

This is a modern machine, because ordinary table saws or panel saws can no longer meet the needs, so Nesting CNC machines are aimed at using. This is a line of industrial board processing machines with high productivity.

CNC nesting machine system is equipped in A Dong ‘s factory

Features of CNC nesting machine

  • Provide products uniformly with high accuracy.
  • The machine can operate continuously, without interruption, to increase productivity, thus meeting large orders.
  • Designers can always take care of cutting boards, saving labor, thereby optimizing costs, which helps to better product prices.
  • The whole process from design – export – processing – assembly is completely synchronized so that quality can be easily controlled.

Products of CNC nesting machine

The product is made from a Nesting CNC machine with beautiful, high-precision cutting edges and drilling holes