Activation activities inside retail stores

Vietnam’s retail industry dates back to ancient times, recently the Offline to Online trend has blossomed so that this combination is a bit effective for “ Marketing at the point of sale ” is one of the key points when operating retail, especially brands that want to operate the chain of stores.

According to a researchs by POPAI ( The Global Association for Marketing-at-Retail), more than 70% of the decisions as to the choice of a certain brand are made at the point of sale, 25% who is willing to change to buy another product despite having a plan in advance. This shows how much the power of the selling point is. Every effort of every store in hard work, Increasing the experience at the point of sale all contributes to promoting the store’s latch rate most effectively.

Activation activities inside the store, chain stores to promote change of shopper’s purchase decision, through activities:


Arrange to display the product catalog with the most reasonable labels. If you want to launch a new product with a trial sample, attach it to the successfully sold product. As such, when buying the other main products, the customer also books on the new product model.

Bulky, large and heavy items are usually placed on the bottom shelf, to ensure shoppers’ safety to avoid breaking the goods. Children’s items are in a position to reach the babies, not too high.

The chain owners “ turn into which area ”, the product is in place to sell better. In other words, it is the purpose of the Visual Merchandising person who wants to highlight the product, they will focus on the product that shines.

Display management:

  • Layout presents the goods that must be logical and convenient for moving and searching by customers.
  • The goods fit to fit the reach of guests and are carefully arranged.
  • A guide to the layout area of each row type.
  • The display location and the number of items displayed for a product decide to be important to the buyer’s mentality.
  • The shelf positions, at eye level, the cashier will stimulate customers to buy more than other locations. For large-scale retail chains, retailers will charge display fees in key areas of contact and in customer sights.
  • Seasonal stalls or promotional items will be of greater interest to customers when visiting the store.

Point of sale Material ( POSM)

Billboard, signs, display shelves, iland island, posters, standee, large format banner … this catalog is very long, depending on your creativity, as long as there is a need to ensure consistency in brand identity, contributing to the promotion of their purchasing process.

For example, in a fashion counter, the good Visual Merchandising they will capture very clearly about the sea, the main discount sticker, where you should put it, in what eye position, how much size to fit. Make full use of the combination of POSM “ stocking ” (the term is hanging) or waving sea…

The battle to conquer customers at the point of sale plays an important role, in addition to calculating how a reasonable product arrangement attracts customers, Businesses need to step up the middle of the point of sale. It is also a brand-name solution across all areas of application and high efficiency to connect businesses and markets.