Electronic brands that A Dong implemented

As one of the strategic partners of many big brands for many years, A Dong has affirmed our position through every series of electricity store projects, which marks the development on the journey to become the leading manufacturer in designing and constructing chains of stores, providing full package serving display and sale.

A Dong is honored to be trusted and become a partner of Dien May Xanh, Bluetronics in Cambodia. With the motto “Unlimited Service”, A Dong confidently meets 100% requirement of continuous production throughout 63 provinces and Asian countries with the optimal cost.

A Dong constructed 2104 Dien May Xanh Mart

A Dong constructed 50 Bluetronics Mart in Cambodia

Providing shelves serving sale and display products for Dien May Xanh and Bluetronics

In order to bring the quality as well as meet the schedule and the large number of products required by each project, A Dong has invested in a factory with a scale of 20,000 m2 located in Dong Nai. By applying Europe’s modern technology, the production system, installation and continuous productivity, A Dong confidently commits to meet customers’ expectations and saves their cost.

In addition, A Dong owns a professional and experienced human resource that always offers creative, subtainable and reasonable designing or constructing solutions for brands.

With many years of experience in the market, professional working process and modern factory, A Dong commits to bring customers the best package projects on schedule with the best quality.

Thank you for the trust that customers have given to A Dong!

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