Special products serve exhibition and sale for Mini-mart

The current mini supermarket chains are no longer strange to consumers. In addition to the professional working process, factors such as space design, equipping shelves, displaying goods also affect the customer’s decision to return next time, as well as increase sales. revenue for businesses.

With a wealth of experience in advertising and interior, A Dong is a leading organization that provides a full package of products for display and sales for famous mini-mart chains such as Bach Hoa Xanh, KingFood, …The following are the products that A Dong has produced and built for the mini supermarket chain.


Signboard is one of the factors that makes a complete store. With creative designs and quality content, signboards will be a great way to promote your brand as well as a fastest way to attract the consumers to the store at first sight.

Corrugated iron shelves

Corrugated iron shelves play a leading role when taking up the majority at supermarkets or shops used to display dry foods, necessities,… Designed with an outer barrier to prevent goods from being slippery, the back design is in the form of nets both save costs and create ventilation for supermarket goods. The height is just right for customers, can be placed in the middle row of the supermarket.

Seamless corrugated iron shelves

Seamless corrugated iron shelves are the suitable type for displaying advertising products or significant labels that are located near the door, payment or promotion shelves…  These shelves are high enough to look generally at all displayed products. Besides, they are designed with the back side that can keep small goods on the shelf and not  fall out.

Displaying shelves are beside the checkout counter.

Exhibiting shelves are generally used to display cake, candy, singum, chocolate or some other small items. They are placed next to the checkout counter where consumers see and easily remember, even customers can buy more products in this area. Designed in many different formats with outstanding display, the shelves will not take up too much space, which increases brand recognition. In addition to the products that the store is selling, it is also possible to display trial products here so that consumers can have the real experience.

Fruit shelves combined with the refrigerator.

Commonly used in most supermarkets and stores, the fruit shelf combined with the refrigerator will ensure that the fruit is always fresh. Designed for maximum neatness and storage, the shelf has a mist or defrost that is set to keep all items as fresh as possible. The plus point for this type of shelf model is that the cabinet frame is solid and sturdy, with high bearing capacity. In terms of design, it will be more beautiful and luxurious than ordinary shelves. Simultaneously, the shelf is also equipped with a lighting system, which attracts customers’ attention and increases the beauty of stores and supermarkets.

Display shelves for fruit, vegetables and flowers.

This is a special shelf that is dedicated to displaying fruit. The shelf is designed with a high barrier to prevent fruit from falling out when customers choose. In addition, the shelf has been calculated to bear high force, can withstand up to about 100kg/floor tray, long life, easy to clean and durable with time.


With more than 20 years of specialized experience in advertising and furniture, A Dong provides a full package of display products and sales services for more than 2000 mobile stores of major brands such as The Gioi Di Dong, Cellphones, Topzone, …

Proud to be the owner of an ISO 9001 certified factory, A Dong factory has a scale of 20,000m2 in Dong Nai with a system of modern production and assembly lines. A Dong confidently commits to providing customers with quality products, on schedule with only optimal costs.

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